Sure Mobile Packages

Pay Monthly

For details of our new 4G Pay Monthly packages, please see our 4G Pay Monthly Plans leaflet.


Pay As You Go (PAYG)

For details of our new 4G Pay As You Go (PAYG) packages, please see our 4G Pay As You Go leaflet.


Customer Announcement

We are pleased to inform customers that we have completed the installation of the new 4G mobile network which will enable customers to use 4G for the first time in the Falkland Islands.


All customers wishing to access the 4G service will need to collect a new SIM card, free of charge, from Sure. Please ensure that any contact information you may have saved to your current SIM, is saved to your phone prior to your SIM being replaced.


Customers on Pay Monthly tariffs, or who wish to migrate from Pay As You Go, will have first access to the 4G network and are invited into the store to change their SIM and choose the right tariff for them from 9am on Monday 13th August.


Pay As You Go customers will be invited to change SIMs and gain access to the 4G network from 9am on Monday 3rd September, following the Pay Monthly migration programme.


Alongside the launch of the new network, we are also launching new 4G tariffs that will help customers to make the most of the vastly enhanced data speeds and capabilities of the smartphones that many already have. The new tariffs are shown below.

In addition to these new 4G packages, the current Premium 25 will remain largely as before, but with an additional 75MB, bringing the bundled data to 100MB.


To reduce the risk of bill shock, Pay Monthly data services will disable when the customer has reached 100% of their quota. At the point of disconnection there may be a slight over run of data used, as is the case with broadband usage, but this will not be charged for unless a booster is applied.  To ensure that no overage charges can mount up, customers will need to apply a booster to access the data service again. Customers will be able to purchase more than one booster a month, if they wish to do so.  


Pay As You Go tariffs will remain as before but now with the option to purchase a Booster for data services.