We offer a range of data boosters to purchase if you have run out and need that extra boost before the end of the month. 

Your internet connection will be disconnected at the end of the hour in which you have reached 100% of your package allowance.
Though usage on our portal may show in excess of 100% at the time of disconnection, this will not be chargeable unless you specifically request to purchase a package booster, or opt-in to overage charges.

Multiple boosters can be purchased in any month and they are available in the following sizes:



To request a booster or authorise excess data charges, telephone Customer Services on freephone 131, informing our representative of your choice of data booster, or if you are opting in to excess charges at the rate advertised for your broadband package.

You will need to provide your username to our representative, before the booster will be

Please Contact Customer Services for any more information.